26 May 2011

The Lazy-Gal Guide to Planning a Girl's Night

Want to plan the easiest girl-night ever? Send out an e-vite (love these!) to your gal-pals and tell them bring all their old magazines they don't want any more for a swap as well as a treat or drink to share. Done.

An hour before arrival, toss all the random clutter into a pile on the doormat for the children to put away and promise a popsicle if they can get it done in under 15 minutes (You know they will!).  While the child labor is underway, do a quick wipe-down of counters and bathrooms and a speed vacuum and you are ready to go. Remember, your girlfriends don't really care if your house looks perfect, so don't sweat it! (In fact, they'll probably be relieved that your house looks like theirs ... lived in!)

Once the girls arrive, eat frequently, gab incessantly, and be sure everyone goes home with a new-to-them stack of magazines to read when they need a break from productivity. Because we all know, sometimes we'd just rather eat a cookie and read about the 9-day plan to blast back-fat by lifting 28 oz cans of diced tomatoes than fold the laundry. Am I right?

Girls night x Magazine swap = A Good Plan