20 July 2012

The Ol' Girl Gets a Makeover

 My ironing board was a mess. I think I've had it since college, and in recent years it has been like ironing on metal with a thin, slick cover of canvas. Padding all but gone and the icky blue cover ... not like it was ever top quality in the first place.

So, armed with a surprising burst of industriousness, an old vintage sheet that I forgot I had and some quilting batting that materialized by magic (where did it come from?),  I spiffed up the sorry ol' girl.

Unroll the batting on the floor and flip the ironing board atop. Cut around the ironing board leaving a few extra inches so the batting can wrap around. Ditto for the fabric. Then, run a quick seam around the fabric to create a little pocket around the edge in which to run some string through (Tie the string to a big safety-pin, and run the safety-pin through ... much easier).

Now you can place/wrap the batting and fabric on the ironing board and cinch it all up tight with the string. Tie it off and shove the loose strings up under somewhere and tell yourself you'll trim them later, knowing that you'll forget and never will. Voila!

(ps-I took this photo while sitting. Uh-huh, that's right, I was ironing while sitting! Have you all been doing this for years and forgot to clue me in? It's like I never realized I could use it at any height other than tip-top. A definite "shazaam!" moment for me.)


  1. I could upholster my entire house in that sheet. Seriously. I adore shades of green with white. Vintage flowers make it even better.

    Have never, ever considered ironing whilst sitting. Duh!

  2. very cute and so impressive, I wish I could sew like you!

  3. I love the colors, although, I am not sure I would enjoy ironing "more". LOL I will be trying the sitting down method, anything to make ironing more pleasant. LOL
    Have a good week.

  4. sitting DOWN ironing?! I'll be jiggered. That is a very very cute cover. I jerry-rigged one a while back, too. It was fun!