16 May 2013

The Tree-House, in Pictures

If you follow this road in Quepos, you find the most extraordinary thing ...

A tree-house nestled in the rainforest of monkeys and sloths and all measures of winged-creatures. 
And you might find my husband there drinking a cup of coffee, pondering  the events of the day ... or lack thereof.
The interior is lovely and even has a little kitchenette with a camp stove and sink. Just be sure to manage the garbage well. Ants inside and monkeys out. An ever-existing dilemma.

 It's not often one finds themselves in a tree-house with wi-fi. You can skype with your kids while keeping an eye on those monkeys.
It's humid, here at the tree-house, but a quick hop in the shower is most refreshing. Just don't get too close to the tree ... the ants are awfully fond of using it as their highway.

It's fun to do things with my husband ... they don't always have to be fancy. But when given a chance to camp in a tree-house in the Costa Rican jungle? It's worth every single gecko on the walls.