08 May 2013

A Jungled Path

From our little tree-house in the jungle, we would set off on little adventures each day. Nothing fancy, nothing that a solid pair of hiking sandals couldn't accommodate. Down the side of the mountain we would venture, with a little nod to the locals who were busy fixing their fences or walking home for lunch. Occasionally we'd find a paved road or path, but mostly it was Costa Rican style: dirt roads pocked with holes that served to remind you that you aren't in a hurry anyway, so what's the bother.
   Hibiscus bloom like dandelions would in our own yard

And the hot, humid weather make for tousled hair and a quick fan with one's hat. And maybe a glamour-shot if Pops has the camera.

Purple crabs skitter away as you move through the jungled paths ...

... and I skittered after Pops. A happy arrangement.