02 May 2014

This Little Big World

This past week, the magnificent Gigi sent a Wall Street Journal article to Peter about current restoration project on the Colosseum in Rome. We were enjoying the article on its own merit, but then come to find ... the last paragraph has a quote from a co-worker of our archeologist friend in Rome, and mentions the institute that he works for. So fun to find!

And speaking of finds, I'm always amazed at the people and connections God brings. The "Professor" has become a dear friend of ours and even came and stayed in our home last year while he was over in the States on business.

He fit in like family.

We've already been emailing about our impending move and giddy over being "neighbors." (France and Italy are technically neighbors ...) Amazing how small and personal this big world really is.

1 comment:

  1. Wow- how amazing is that! Neighbors. Haha. I am getting more sad now, thinking of you so far away. But I am so excited for you at the same time! You must keep it up your posts regularly for all of us here at home so we can follow along with all the new adventures and surroundings. I can't wait!