30 May 2014

We Got 'Em

It's official. We have French visas for residence in France!

Considering all that has been riding on obtaining these documents, I am so overwhelmed with relief and gratitude that I haven't had the chance to truly be excited. God continues to open doors and provide in all the areas we must trust Him to do so. My faith is maturing, my instinct to trust rather than fret is developing. This is good.

And when I step back from the mayhem ... I am very excited.


  1. great! I thought you WERE in France already, from the gorgeous photo of the plant pots.

  2. :) Great little post, you will be so glad to have these memories and thoughts recorded!

  3. Those smiling faces all lined up make a great picture. :) So happy for you.

  4. how incredibly exciting is this!!! So happy for your new adventure.