07 December 2014

French Yogurt Wishes You Joyeuses Fêtes!

We have been trying to be very mindful of purchases here. Not only to watch the budget (oooh, it's expensive to live in EU!), but also because when we return home in the future, we have to get everything back home the way we came ... all on the plane! No moving crew or shipping containers here.

But. One thing I have become rather infatuated with is ... the terracotta yogurt cups. I've already mentioned what an art form yogurt is here, but oh these little glazed tubs have me. Thick, rich, seriously good yogurt made by La Fermière in little tubs that couldn't be any more delightful.

 And what did I find this last week at the market? Christmas pots! Oh the joy! My plan is to squirrel these purchases away into visitor's luggage with the promise to hold on to them for me! "We'll put you up in our farmhouse ... you bring home my yogurt pots." It's a good trade-off, no?

Any suggestions on how we should use these to decorate this season?


  1. Perfect plan. I love these red ones. So festive. I wish they'd been on sale when we did a shop a couple of months ago. Definitely worth keeping. I use some for crème caramel.

  2. Poor pure soy candles. It's water soluble for clean up. Plant succulents or paper whites. Store silverware on the table? They are fantastic! I wish I had some!

    1. Great ideas! And you had me laughing at paper-whites ... heh, heh, remember??

    2. How could I forget the paper whites. I grew some last year, and I had the same opinion from college

  3. Love these (and I'm always happy to have an excuse to buy more good French yogurt!)--think I need to find some right away!

  4. I say collect as many as you can!