02 December 2014

Simple Christmas Decorations: Orange Pomanders

Do you remember making orange pomanders as a child? I do, with fond memories. Such a fun, do-able craft that leaves you with something beautiful, smelling gorgeous ... and you don't have to pack up and store when you are all done enjoying them!

On Thanksgiving Day this year, we had a gloriously sunny day. While still brisk, it was lovely to be outside. So with a bowl of oranges, toothpicks and cloves (whole, not ground!), we set to work.

The easiest way I've found is to poke a hole with a toothpick and then insert a whole clove. Pops and I were both reminiscing and laughing over doing this very activity as kids and both remarked at the lack of toothpicks in the venture and feeling so aggravated as each clove broke off and we ended up with really sorry looking pocked oranges. Use the toothpicks.

Another great thing about making these pomanders is the artistic license one can assume. Spiral, random, stripes, or the "royal orb" as we liked to christen the cross like pattern.

We approached the patterning pretty nonchalantly, but a quick Google search will give you tons of impressive ideas.

 And as mentioned, even Pops got in on the fun. But straight-up crafting is too pedantic for Pops. He had to work out the best clove/toothpick/orange/hand-movement methodology for maximum efficiency. (Notice the two-handed approach in the photo.)

 All in all, it was a really lovely family activity. Super simple, instant gratification. I am truly loving this kind of "natural" approach to holiday decorating this year. Necessary, since we don't have any of our stuff, but also a joy in its simplicity.

 We've set the tray-full on the living room coffee table and I think we are all pretty proud of them. Plus they smell so good! A fun way to start off the Christmas excitement.

*Have you ever tried this with ribbon? I think they could make good friend/neighbor gifts if made so you could hang them by a ribbon!

*I've also heard that you can let these pomanders dry naturally and they will stay scented for a year! 


  1. Beautiful! We may have to do this too!

    1. Let me know how they turn out or if you have any tips!

  2. I have always loved the look of these. And, your husband's poking approach made me smile. It's so fun when guys get involved with a traditional "girly" project- they just take it to a whole new level and it's so fun. Happy Belated Thanksgiving from the States!

  3. Oh, love love love- and the photos! Sniff. Everyone looks so happy and good. Makes me miss you! Great little project, too- I think I will copy, kids would love!

    1. Best craft ever! Cheap, easy, not too messy, smells good, a snap to clean up! Miss you too!