20 March 2015

To Buy a Bit of Sun on an Overcast Day

And just like that the sun is gone and we are all bundled up and skittering about once more. But without fail, les marchés still open and offer up ideas for meals and treats and dreams. I am quite sure this fruit did not come from Normandy, but nevertheless, I bought a kilo of strawberries that were delicious and tasted like sunny days.


  1. Is the market open there every day, Anna? And is it near your home? What a nice thing.

    1. Hi, Lisa! It is open every Tuesday and Friday and is indeed, close to where we live. On non-market days, there are always individual businesses (grocery, butcher, etc.), the big supermarket, or you can travel to a neighboring village to their outdoor market. They seem to stagger them so you could go to one each day if you are willing to pop over to the next village. A centuries old tradition!

  2. Have you learned how to make healthier foods?

  3. How gorgeous! And that church in the background...!