24 December 2011

Clean-It-Out Day

In expectation of all the Christmas extravaganzas, today has been "clean-it-out" day. Boxes from Amazon shipments and scraps from wrapping have all been isolated and pitched with verve.

And while we're at it ... the children were enlisted into service as well. Since they are undoubtedly getting new goodies, it is time to cull out the old. Empty bins and shelves in the closet? This is a good thing. Kids are remarkably willing to clean when it involves making room for anticipated treasures.

A kid tip? Collect 3 empty bags. A big ol' garbage bag in the hall for trash (there will be lots ... why is this always so??) and two other bags for each kid (paper grocery bags work great). One for giveaways and one for "I don't know what to do with this so I'll ask mom."

Is the house now a picture of tidy perfection? Of course not! But it's better than before we started and that is a great thing.


  1. I wish I had done the pre-Christmas clean out! I like the bag idea. But I already told my kids that something's got to go to make room for the new toys and I think they're on board. . .

  2. Yes, I wish I'd had time to do this before Christmas too!! But...tomorrow is our day and I can't wait!!! I like your 3 bag idea. Looking forward to less clutter tomorrow! Hope you had a great Christmas!

  3. HEY those were wonderful suggestions. thanks.