06 December 2011

Reflective Art

 I've been in the process of unearthing and framing some of the children's art and displaying in about the house. How has it taken me over a decade to finally do this? What's more, the children are near beaming with pride over seeing their art on display. Such minimal effort and such happy result.

Lucette painted this abstract tree when she was seven and I love it. I hung it right next to some vintage, granny-like botanical prints and the juxtaposition of style makes me smile.

And of course, decorated with Christmas tree lights makes for a most festive viewing.


  1. You have SO inspired to do this now! Need to go to Ikea for frames!

  2. I need to do this, I do have Audrey's framed. She is turning 17 in 2 days! And she is my baby!

  3. That looks like it should be in a museum! LOVE it!

  4. Twinkle lights make the most charming of trees all the more magical!

    Tell Miss Lucette that I share your love for her abstract tree. If I'm ever in your home I fear I will be tempted to grab and run. Lovely.

  5. that is a beautiful photo, and a GREAT tree. I am inspired to keep my eye out for some framers from my kids.