15 December 2011

On the Tree and Throughout the House

We don't really collect nutcrackers, but we seem to have amassed a number of them throughout the house. Kids are so drawn to them, aren't they? Both a bit human and a bit imagination.

And if they are "working" nutcrackers, beware of fingers. We have a six year-old loose in the house who will attempt to crack yours in the big red fellow's mouth if you aren't on your guard.


  1. I have a nutcracher Christmas tree ornament that was given to me years ago, when I was in our high school show choir. I love seeing it every year when we put up the tree, as it gives me a chance to remember those fun long-ago days!

  2. As the children grow older, I expect all of you will smile each Christmas when you pull out the nutcrackers simply because of the fun memories associated with them...

    "Remember the time Jane chased mom around the kitchen with a nutcracker?"