04 June 2012

European Adventures: Conclusions and Contentment

Our last full day in our Provençal farm home. Plans for photos in the poppy fields and dinner in Uzes. Tomorrow we pack-up, head into Arles for a look-around and settle in at the airport hotel 'til we rouse for an early morning flight on Wednesday. Mixed feelings about coming home! 

The trip has been more than we expected in many ways. Happy and thankful to have shared all with my little family. It's the memories that, I believe, will be the biggest treasure of all.

Merci. Merci.


  1. The memories, yes... and the fellowship of a shared experience. As a family you will talk about this trip for the rest of your lives. 20 years later our family recollects often and it is precious.

  2. what a perfect photo. can't wait to hear more bits about it in the coming weeks!

  3. I am so glad for you Anna.To be content with were you are is always a gift. We will be glad to have you home though. :)

  4. Yes, the memories will last a lifetime! Can't wait to see and hear more!

  5. This is what I get for falling off on checking in on your blog: you all are running around Europe!!! :) I'm so so happy for you, and for the memories that will be made, and for the impression that will be made on the kiddos.