20 June 2012

Switzerland: Springtime in the Alps

We are at home once more! After a week of groggy recovery, we are now back into the swing of home-life and happily reliving our trip through shared family memories. One of the truly great gifts of travel, I do believe. And so, the recollections continue to keep the trip alive ...

The day after we had our Swiss Family Adventure and right before Jane sat on a huge pile of stinging nettles (!!), we had a morning gallivant on the hillside of the Swiss village, Reckingen-Gluringen.

 The village you see in the distance is the village we stayed in. Tiny and lovely. The main road would shut down when the sheep or the cattle came through and we would hang out of our cottage windows and watch as though it were the most marvelous sight ever.

 After a glorious, but very busy tour of Italy, making grass whistles and doing a whole lot of nothing in the Swiss Alps was heaven.

Although apparently not yet having enough auto-adventure, right after our wildflower frolic Pops did take us on the most harrowing car-ride ever up the side of the mountain we were soon to encounter. Have you ever seen The Long-Long Trailer with Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnaz? There is a perilous scene where they skitter along a teeny mountain-edge road with sheer rock on one side and sheer cliff on the other. Take away the trailer, add three terrified children and swap Mt. Whitney for the Swiss Alps ... and it's basically the same scene. It took collective tears to convince Pops that this was not fun and me getting out of the car giving braking hand-signals to allow us to turn around without pitching off the cliff of doom.

I'm sweating just thinking about it.

But at the point we took these photos we were blissfully unaware of what was to come. And those are the moments in life to relish ... whether home or abroad.


  1. Oh my goodness those photos are amazing, those mountains in the back, WOW. SO neat! I hope you make an enormous shutterfly book with all these photos in it!

  2. your photos take my breath away. the flowers. the Alps. your happy children. How I wish I was THERE right now.

  3. Your description of the mountainside adventure has me cringing. Yikes!

    What beauty and delight in the Swiss Alps.

    Welcome home. Keep enjoying the memories.

    (Our trip went marvelously. My leg did great and we all had a wonderful time. I need to collect my thoughts and photos and blog about our adventures, but every time I think about doing so I get overwhelmed!)

  4. I watch the Long,Long Trailer every New Years Eve with gramps(it is never a re-run to him LOL), so yes, I totally understand that fear!Love the pictures, but even more, I love the kids!

  5. These pictures are AMAZING.