29 May 2012

Switzerland: Watch out, Here Come the Americans

Guess what? We had a Swiss Family Adventure today. While backing down a road, we backed off a stone retaining wall. The sound it made was disturbingly loud and spoke of a truly terrible situation. Short explanation? The front wheel was completely suspended in the air with the right bumper resting on the wall. To back up further would result in certain bumper/car separation. People were driving by on the little Swiss village road and either laughing or gasping in horror. But they all hurried by so they wouldn't get commissioned to help.

Fortunately, we were right by a lumberyard and working men. My pathetic high-school German was enough to convince them to help. Albeit, I think they just thought it was a silly lady who needed the battery jumped, or something simple like that. They were stunned to silence when they walked up to the scene. The pictures don't do justice to the "Oh.My.Goodness" of the situation.

But, after a minute of chin-rubbing and head-scratching, we all looked at each other and started laughing. Stupidity crosses language barriers and can ignite instant camaraderie. A jack, dolly, 2x6, 3 men and a wife got it done. And to top it all off, there is no visible damage to the car.

So again. Thank you for those prayers. It is quite evident we need them!


  1. Oh no!! A family member of ours has a cabin in Lake Arrowhead California and the parking spots on the mountain are all elevated berms like that. I am TERRIFIED of doing that exact same thing every time I stay there! I am glad that you are all okay!!

  2. Oh my word!! That must have made your heart stop for a minute, that awful drop/crunch sound!!!! I'm so glad all turned out well and no one hurt/car ok!

  3. Oh dear! I am so glad you were able to laugh at the situation! How truly terrible and terribly funny!!! I am so thankful everyone and everything is okay! I can only imagine the hilarity this will bring at family dinners in the years to come! What wonderful memories!!!

  4. Simply making memories, my friend! Memories.

  5. "crunch!" ouch. Have a good rest of your trip! ;)