28 May 2012

Roma: Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain

I've yet to properly download the photos from Florence and Venice, but here are a few more from our last full day in Rome. It was a "40-minute-walk" that lasted closer to 3 hours. (You'll detect some droopy shoulders in some of these photos.) However, the sights seen are those that are fun to say ... "I've been there!"

Rome is already becoming a somewhat distant and fond memory. The children feel very friendly towards the city and a bit like its' conqueror. We arrived this afternoon in Switzerland after a 5 hour drive that really wasn't that bad at all. I am thanking the heavens above we sprang for the EU chip for our GPS. It was spendy, but it has saved the day countless times when maps and roads and exits and roundabouts all collided with foreign names and plenty of confusion.

As we drove, it was so curious to see the Italian countryside morph into Swiss Alps. Even the houses, roads, and bridges began to take on a distinctly new form. And then, seemingly around a bend, we found ourselves in Sound of Music-land with rolling green hills painted with blankets of wildflowers, towering snow-capped mountains, and deep village-filled valleys. "Oh my!" trills Jane. "This is wonnnnnderful!"

The main Swiss day-excursion initially planned has been scrapped due to a pass that is still closed. I'm a little bit disappointed ... but in a way relieved that we can just be. Plans to hike and loaf and explore for our next couple of days. This is good.

"In Him we live and move and have our being ..." 
Acts 17:28


  1. Did you break out in song as you saw the rolling green hills? The Hills are Alive... Spent the weekend with Chloe, watched The Sound of Music 4 times in 3 days... I thought of you each and every time! I can't wait to see more photos! Be safe!

  2. So amazing that you are seeing those places!!! Great pictures, I love seeing the photos, too bad they are so hard to upload. Love the posts, too, though, I am enjoying reading your adventure as it happens!

  3. Still praying for all of you! What joy to see His grace being poured out so generously over your travels. The Alps in Spring.... ahhhh.

  4. So glad that you all are having a wonderful time. We have been praying. =)