31 May 2012

Florence: A Peek at Our Watchtower

Looking back through some of our pictures has been so heart-warming for me. Totally putting some of the tired/worn-out/worried business into perspective. I am in a state of gratitude for all we are doing. Every bit of it.

Here you see a series of photos from our stay in the medieval watchtower (built in 1124!) outside of Florence. It was every bit of wonderful we had hoped for. And this is just a peek! Honestly, I can still hardly believe it myself.


  1. That first photo... took my breath away! And the view. The view!

    Remembering is a portal to gratefulness, I'm convinced of this. In the Old Testament God was constantly telling His people to remember, remember, remember His works... when we do this we see His grace!

  2. aaugh, I want to LIVE there!!! So pretty! Amazing. What an experience you are all having- awesome.

  3. Oh my goodness! It's all so beautiful!! Your trip looks amazing. Feeling a little jealous tonight!

  4. How absolutely, perfectly wonderful! I am just so happy for you and yours. What an investment in your family!