16 May 2012

We Arrive: Roma

 And we made it. From a 3:00am wake-up a five hour flight to DC, obligatory layover, and an eight hour flight to Rome ... we have arrived. Bleary-eyed, weary, confused, slightly grumpy ... yet very happy. Maybe it's just the jet-lag, but we all feel as though we are functioning in a dream-like state. 

Roma? We are really in Roma?  

 Once we sailed through customs at the Fiumicino airport (oddly easy), we finagled our shuttle to take us into the city and be deposited at the door of our apartment. Yea! We dropped our luggage off at 10am, as the cleaning lady was still working and we were not to check in 'til 2:00. We knew this would be the case ahead of time, but the ensuing 4 hours were by far the hardest part so far. Tired, dirty, and completely lacking in bearings as we wandered aimlessly. The children were exhausted, but a stop at a little cafe for pizzas and cappuccinos helped to bolster morale a little.

Although, Peter did fall asleep on the table, while the locals pointed and smiled.
 Once we were finally able to meet Luca, our apartment host (and receive a generous walk-around tour), the whole family morphed into sleeping masses. Leaving me to holler and shake each one, warning of the terrors of sleepless, jeg-lagged nights. It is hard to keep exhausted people awake ... myself included.

After a forced trip to the grocery with borderline-melt-down children, we made our dinner at home. Food does always put things at rights, doesn't it?

Especially when it's super good.

Currently, we are finishing up baths, contemplating laundry and figuring out the drying-lines outside the window, and tucking the kids into an early bed. On the docket for Pops and myself? A quick run-down of the day tomorrow ... Colosseum, Forum, Trevi Fountain and (gulp) metro passes ... and into bed we go, as well.

I confess, I've already had moments of  "What on earth have I gotten us into!" ... but overall, just happy to be here. Happy to be here with my family.

Love to all.


  1. The first day, I think, is the hardest. You'll get your bearings and some rest and you'll master the metro... yes, this is possible even in Italy (if the professor and I did it you can too)!

    Oh. what. fun!

  2. Incredible!! I love the photos and the stories! I'm thankful you made it safe!! I can't wait to hear and see more!!

  3. oh my word!!!! You're there!!!! AMAZING. Loved reading this post, I hope you can post more! xoxo!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! It's so great that you're there! SO excited for you!

  5. Yay! I can't wait to watch your exciting adventure unfold :).

  6. The metro isn't that hard to figure out. Just be prepared that one of the lines is much nicer then the other. We were there in November, and really, really enjoyed it. While you're wondering, make sure you go to see San Giovanni Church. We were far more impressed by it then the Vatican! If you have any Rome related questions, feel free to drop me an's still pretty fresh in my mind! v r marvin at sbcglobal dot net. Have a wonderful time!