30 May 2012

Venice: Fresh Memories

 I've given up writing posts in chronological order. I am currently in Switzerland, finishing packing for our journey into France, and thought I'd reminisce on some of Italy. So. Here is a few photos of Venice! Venice became a quick favorite for our family. Sure it's busy and crowded and touristy ... but there is so much to look at. Bridges and flowers and boats and shops. And to our surprise, many quiet peaceful alcoves where we felt like we were alone in the city.

We bought a CD from a small group of musicians who were playing in one of these alcoves, a concert hall for the lucky who stumbled down their lane. We plan on playing it tomorrow to our long drive from Switzerland to France.

In the busy jumble of this trip of delights, I'm finding new reminders of how the small things bring such satisfaction and joy. A car trip filled with music and fresh memories. I'm looking forward to it.


  1. will treasure that family picture in Venice for the rest of your life! Amazing! And....the red geraniums in all the window boxes - love!!

  2. I saw that family photo and thought the same thing as Bonnie- what a gift! Amazing.

  3. I am so glad y'all are having such fun! And so glad you're enjoying these rich days. Yesterday I was working in the yard and thinking about y'all-what a sweet season!