23 February 2010

Tea for Me ... and Heloise

The thrift store was very good to me today. Three new shirts (half-off!), a skirt, and a make-me-giddy new book and tray.

The book, Heloise all Around the House, is simply cracking me up. Full of tips from Heloise, "the housewife's favorite helper." After describing a helpful hint, she will then command you authoritatively ... "Try it."

One of my favorite passages is from the section entitled Newlyweds:

After you return from your honeymoon, keep those stars in your eyes. But don't work yourself to death to do it!

When your husband goes off to work, get the most important things done first. Make the bed, do your dishes, empty the ash trays and hang the bath towels straight.

As soon as he walks out the door, fill your kitchen sink with all your dirty dishes and put in some detergent, then turn the hot-water faucet on until the dishes are covered. Forget them for awhile. (Never put your hands in hot water if you can help it. Mother didn't know this in her day.)

Immediately go into the bedroom and make the bed.

Next, go back and have that second cup of coffee or tea. Read the paper. Your dishes are soaking, your beds are made and you aren't in too bad shape even if your mother-in-law drops in.

Don't you just love housewives with a sense of humor? All day I've been musing over her suggestions and then I hear a little no-nonsense voice in my head saying ... "Try it."


  1. That is great advice - I do that nearly every morning.

  2. Don't forget to empty the ash trays! I think that's possibly my favorite part.

  3. When I was in the sixth grade we had to read a nonfiction book and give an oral book report on it. I chose Heloise's Housekeeping Hints off of my parents' bookshelf and I thoroughly enjoyed it... she has been a friend ever since.

  4. "even if your mother in law drops in"

  5. Awesome finds!! Love the quotes...I'll have to look for that one at the library! :)

  6. Love your advice and the "keep the stars in your eye!" Heloise knew her way around the house, for sure!

  7. Wonderful advice. Let's see how fantastic our days can be if we just follow it!! :)

    just found you through my sister, j. i'm enjoying your posts.

  8. Making the bed first thing makes all the difference.

  9. I didn't know I could smoke cigars in the house. What fun!

    And the stars have never left.

  10. That is so great. I remember reading my Hints from Heloise at my grandma's house when I was younger.
    I'm off to empty the ashtrays ;)

  11. Hi friend,
    I love your writing and your thrifting posts. I am a thrifter myself...keep meaning to ask, what's your favorite spot?

  12. i LOVE this! and i don't even have to empty the ashtrays! hahaha!