01 February 2010

Uncle Peter Has a New Puppy

Uncle Peter, the forester, has a new puppy named Cedar. I've never considered myself much a dog person, but I think I kind of get it now. She is utterly delicious.


  1. Oh Lordy, be still my beating heart!

    jAne *

  2. What a beautiful shot. I love how her goldeness is so beautifully contrasted against the green, and the graceful waves of her fur, lovely.

  3. I love Cedar!!! So precious, I want another one!!! I'll dog sit, if he ever needs it!!

  4. oh, i am utterly and truly and dog person and i cannot even look at that scrumptious doggie because i will run right out to the pet store. and if there was ever NOT a good time for a puppy, it's now.

    THOSE EARS. well. i've just got to leave now.