27 February 2010

Celebrating with Friends

We like to alternate years. One year we have a family celebration and do something extra special and the next, we have a traditional kid party. This year was Peter's kid party year.

So, what do you get with eight boys, plenty of sugar and legos galore? Sofa wrestling, balloon bopping, lego car racing, and a collective burping the candles out (blowing is just too expected, you know). By days end, I think we produced eight happy boys.

And with that, Mama is happy too.


  1. The cupcakes are too cute and I love that burps were used instead of the typical blowing out the candles!! You are a good mom!!

  2. I LOVE this idea! I'm a Mom of two boys and they are still little. I've often asked my husband what we should do for birthdays. It seems a bit much to always have a party every year. Great thought .. I think I'll steal it. Havilah

  3. I'm loving your color palette... bright and energetic and classic! A happy day indeed for a very jolly good fella!