07 May 2012

The First One for My Last One

It's been wiggly since Easter. This weekend provided the moment she had been waiting for. Her first lost tooth.

Can I say that it was surprisingly hard for me? Like a confirmation that my baby truly isn't a baby anymore. When the other children started losing teeth, somehow I took comfort in the thought that I still had a back-up. One more little face ... full of baby chompers ... to coddle.

Such a mix of pride, joy and a twinge of heartache to watch my children grow. I feel the oft talked about sense of wanting to freeze time so strongly. But it does remind me to appreciate what is in front of me ...

... and oh, there is such abundance.


  1. Ohhhh. What a sweetheart. Such a sweet smile. Such a sweet mama. I'm feeling the pangs too -- I don't know how I'll handle it when my third little bean loses her first tooth.

  2. It's funny, the little, last milestones that can take our mama-hearts by surprise. Right now I'm stonewalling the idea of taking down the crib. Not. ready!

    I love little baby teeth... hard to see them go.