27 May 2012

Travel Update: In Venice

We are just finishing up our time here in Venice (yes, we did the touristy/expensive gondola ride and loved it!) and are preparing for a drive through the Alps into Switzerland tomorrow morning. A little sad to be leaving Italy (and the daily gelato feastings!) but looking forward to a new pace and vistas.

I just finished composing a slap-dash email to my mother. An addendum, rather, to the "I'm so tired I can barely appreciate anything and keep on praying for us" email that I sent an hour ago. It seems I got a grip and a better perspective. Phew. For my dear ones who are reading and for posterity, I thought I would post it here.
Okay, kids in bed, showered, feeling better. Thought I should send a follow up email. First things first, we are and have been healthy!! This is a huge answer to prayer. Lucette and Jane have some massive bug bites (L in particular) that are disrupting sleep, but other than that, we are all healthy and doing well. Such a blessing. Also, safety. We've been fine at all times. No real issues at all. Even managing crowed subways and buses, the kids have done an awesome job and we've all been able to stay together. Another huge answer to prayer.

Italy. We're in Italy! It's gorgeous here, the weather is perfect and the food divine. We are continually amazed at the "fast food" that consists of artisan bread and slices of carved meat and cheese with a bottle of Pellegrino. It's Italy's answer to chili-dogs and mountain dew ala 7-11. Accommodations. Every place we have booked, so far, has been represented correctly, easy to find, and offered up by gracious hosts. Having a little home to come to versus a hotel room has been wonderful. There is even a park right next to our home here in Venice that the kids can go run around in. I would do it this way again. Very comfortable, pleasant, and practical with the kids. It's also afforded us a more "local" way to stay and view the cities we are in.

The sights were are taking in each day are so much, it's almost hard to process them in the now. I have a feeling it will take time to really sort out what we think of them and how they impact us. We rode the Venice gondola today. Peter was very pleased. He really is quite fond of the city. Also, great shopping. I really have done virtually none up until this point (not easy w/ kids in tow). I bought some luscious teal leather gloves in Florence on the Ponte Vecchio and in Venice I bought a leather handbag and a pair of shoes. Super fun.


... and then some mushy, "I love you, mom, what would I do without you" stuff. Warm thanks to all of you who continue to keep us in your prayers. You are blessing our family daily.

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