02 June 2012

Provence: To Revel and Muse

We've been in Provence for 2 days now. It's is so unbelievably beautiful here. Everything about everything is my most favorite ever. I went out shopping in Uzes yesterday and on my way home, driving through the countryside ... can I confess? I got all misted up. Not a full-on messy cry, but definite foggy-eyes. So, so happy to be here.

The children are swimming everyday (yesterday, four individual times) and eating bread and pastries to their heart's content. Last night we went to a "FĂȘte du Pois Chiche" ... a "Festival of the Chickpea." (More on that later ... live music and masks ... like Zorro!) We even made friend with another couple who is staying in the same farm house as us and we are going to swap evening of kid watch. Pops and I get to go out to dinner alone tonight!

Interesting how the initial part of our trip, as grand as it was, required such exertion. Here ... now ... it feels effortless. Perhaps we appreciate it more? Perhaps I've learned to manage expectations better? Perhaps it is Provence? Perhaps it is just God's grace? For all the reasons, we are thankful and reveling in it.

As a side note, three of my dear friends are currently going through deep challenges with health, children, jobs. It is strange, to be here, and know of their days. And yet, helpless in myself to lend aid, I can pray. Prayer is the great unifier over great divides. In this big, wide world ... God is bigger yet.


  1. I love all those photos, but I really love the one of L- she's adorable, and I am in love with that table and green chairs. My word. Ship those home to me!!! Lol.

    How beautiful, did you go shopping by yourself? And how neat that you found a family to trade date night with- wow- that is amazing, too. These days in Provence sound like my favorite days so far, too- lol- I am vacationing through you. Your blog has been an adventure for me lately, too, kind of an an exit from reality, so keep posting. I really do love the photos and what you write.

    I really want to hear about the chickpea festival!

  2. God's grace, indeed... when it's so tangible it can be quite overwhelming!

    Prayer is the biggest thing you can do. To beseech the Almighty on behalf of another -- is there anything greater?

  3. This sounds blissful. Just blissful. Gives me the itch to go there to that peace. My husband says why can't we understand that we, too, we Americans, can make such a gorgeous setting too? Well, that's a rabbit trail, but I do think of that, especially how I felt when I was in Switzerland and like you, in near tears from the beauty, peace, and sensuality of it all.