19 September 2012

Proof of Accomplishment

And we're off. School is well underway, rhythms being reestablished and confidence renewing itself that "we can do this!" Life is such a team effort for families, isn't it? It's a good thing.

My mother brought over a bag of "we-have-way-too-many-of-these" plums and into jam they went. Plum jam has a surprising tartness amongst all the sweet. A very nice alternative to the still-delicious blackberry, raspberry, strawberry goodness that was also sugared into jars earlier this summer. (I was kind of jam-crazy there for awhile).

So even though the jam is ready to be put away in the cupboards, I have opted to leave them on the kitchen sill for a little while longer. They seem to be beauty and accomplishment in a jar. Like a little wink and thumbs-up every time I look at them while I'm racing to do the next oh-so-important task ... like making lunches or taking out the trash.

Sometimes I need to be reminded that proof of accomplishment comes in many ways. Sometimes that is a clean house, or a jar of jam. But frequently, for me, it's in remembering that proof isn't always tangible. And all the mothers smile and give a sigh of relief ...


  1. Very good reminder. :) Love your jars of jam, too! I love jars (and jam).

  2. Did you hear my audible sigh of relief coming your way from the deep south?! Wise words that did som good to my soul.

    Jam! Plum jam!!

  3. Blogging helps me feel the proof of accomplishment!!

    And if plum jam is a bit of tart with the sweet, I definitely want to try some.