11 September 2012

To Celebrate Jane, Because She's Seven

 Our Miss Jane had a birthday last Friday. Seven years old! My, my. How the sweet years fly.

We had some lovely gifting and peach-caking (more to come on that later), but the true fantasticness of the birthday celebrations was the giant outdoor movie theater we set up in our backyard.
 We borrowed a digital projector from a friend and Pops set up an massively-impressive movie screen made out of lumber, rebar, rope, a paint drop-cloth, and clothes-pins. It exceeded my expectations. As usual.

We watched The Love Bug, drank lemonade out of mason jars and feasted on skillet popcorn in paper bags.
We had twinkle-lights and tea lights, balloons aplenty ...

... and happy masses of family and children and babies galore.

It was so wonderful, I have visions of future summers and outdoor movie nights all season long. 

But until then, we are content with the evening we had and so thankful for the dear one who inspired it all.

We love you, Sweet Jane. Happy Birthday.


  1. Now that is an evening to remember! Happy Birthday, Jane!

  2. Miss Jane reminds me of you and she does look so sweet. What a beautiful party for her...wonderful memories! I'm loving your posts, Anna. Thank you for letting me peek into your life. Hugs!

  3. What an AWESOME party, A! I love the twinkle lights and movie, popcorn- SO neat!