19 November 2010

Modish Vase in Yellow Light

I've been combing through photo archives as of late. These shots were taken within the initial week of obtaining my first digital SLR camera almost two years ago. I knew then, even less about photography than I know now, but the love began almost immediately.

These photos are far from perfect, technically speaking, but they represent a bit of wonder for me. To see, to frame, to snap, to view, to interpret ... I love looking at life through a lens ...


  1. They're lovely shots, especially the first one... so simple and warm.

    "To see, to frame, to snap, to view, to interpret..." Very well stated.

  2. I could not agree more! The vase reminds me of some of the white porcelain beauties I just saw in West Elm's holiday catalog...pure and fresh!

  3. Erin-

    It's the "Lucy" vase from Crate & Barrel about 3 years back.

    I only purchased one but I wish I had 3 ... or 5!

    Maybe ebay?