22 November 2010

So Much Life

This past weekend I was able to take pictures of one of my dearest friends and her stunning family. Jenny and I were once crib-mates when our parents first met at a church fellowship group. I'm told we napped together, though I'm sure we just tricked them and spent our whole time chatting. It's been our life pattern.

The years have been good to our friendship and we've spent the past thirty-four years invested in the life of the other. What a treasure. And speaking of, this photo of her husband and daughter just melts me. Might be one of my favorite pictures ever.

What a marvel to have shared so much life together.


  1. I love how the little girl's red lips compliment her shirt! Great photo :).

  2. That was my favorite out of the bunch you posted, too. Really neat that you could take pics for such a special friend. They turned out great, too!

  3. This photo speaks volumes about a father's love and protection. Beautiful.

    Praise God for life-long friendships!

  4. what a blessing for both of you. I have no friends that I've known for that many years, and it must be a real treat!

  5. How sweet that you all still share your lives ... I am not in touch with anyone I shared a crib or anything baby-esque with. Love that pic!

  6. Daddies and their little girls... oh my, how beautiful. I love his wedding ring. Friendships like yours are treasures indeed.