17 November 2010

Reminders of Love

When I was little, Grandpa and Nanie V. lived on a farm. We'd run the cornfields looking for baby kittens, eat our lunches in those big tractor scoops, carve monstrous pumpkins in the fall, and eat Pudding Pops to our hearts content. And always, I remember Nana puttering with plants. Iris by the front window, geraniums in the garage planters, African violets under those funny indoor purple lights. They do not live on the farm any more, but I do cherish those childhood memories.

We had Nanie V. in the hospital for a few days. She is back at home now, recovering well. We are thankful. My sweet Aunt Dawn, who has deep gifting in care-taking, emailed us all to give an update and soothe any worries.

She reported that she spent the night to make sure all continued well. This morning she happened to overhear Grandpa speak to Nana in regards to the night. He said, "I heard you cough and that reminded me that I love you."

 My heart swells.


  1. Thanks for making me cry! Glad she's home!

  2. Oh to have such loving examples. What a legacy!

  3. So beautiful! That made my heart swell too!

  4. My heart just burst into a thousand pieces of heart shaped confetti. Without a doubt, that is one of the sweetest, most beautiful "love stories" that I've read.