11 November 2010

Preparing for Battle

We seem to have low immune systems this fall, as we're already working through our second cold as a family. We're a very thoughtful family. We like to share everything. Including colds. One at a time so each can singularly revel in it and thus, extend the duration of our household sickie status for as long as possible. Sigh. Can anyone else relate?

I decided to use a surprising, but appreciated burst of energy to fully equip ourselves for future germ-attacks. Naturally, hand-washing, healthy eating, and actually being consistent in taking our vitamins is a good start. But then, there are the practical steps. 'Cause if you are feeling crummy, who wants to paw through a tub of expired medicine in the dimly lit hallway in hopes to find your symptom salvation?

Preparing for Battle:
Locate, collect, and dump out the big ol' mess of medicinal boxes and bottles that you have scattered around the house. I recommend doing this at the kitchen counter, garbage at hand and wet rag to clean out the syrupy goo you know you'll find.

Throw out all expired, mostly used, or just plain suspicious products.

Separate products that you regularly use during sick-season, and those you don't use as often. Keep the high-use products in a bin in the kitchen if you have room. I find this a much better location than my aforementioned dimly lit hallway closet. And while you're at it, toss in band-aids and Neosporin. You know you'll need it for something within the week. Am I right?

Make a list of any products you need to replenish so you can snag them at the store the next time you are out.

Must Haves: 
-EmergenC packets
-Ricola Throat Drops
-Sambucol (elderberry stuff that seems to help)
-Pepto chewable tablets
-Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Anti-Histamine, Cough Syrup, Decongestant/Expectorant (Adult & Kid)
-Multi-Vitamins (Adult & Kid)
-Olive Leaf tablets
-Kleenex boxes (and lots of them!)

What are some of your favorite products from your cold/flu season arsenal?


  1. What a timely post... germfest round two invaded our house today. Sigh.

    I agree complete, the kitchen is THE PLACE for the arsenal. The only two things I'd add to your list... chicken soup and Vick's vapor rub.

  2. We too just had our 1st round... To add to your list we use a heating pad or hot water bottle to help with the chills. :)
    To better feeling days!!!

  3. great post...I may need to refer back to this later this flu season!

  4. Sorry you guys have gotten hit. I know it's going around! Make a big pot of nourishing chicken soup!!

  5. I just opened "that drawer" in the bathroom this morning, and shook my head in disgust.. It needs serious attention. I would say that although I loathe the smell of it - Lysol is a winter-time must.. for all those doorknobs and light switches.

  6. I'm inspired! I never seem to have what we need when we need it. Don't ever ask for a kleenex when you see me, I missed out on "mom 101..." We just got our first ear infection/antibiotics...oh dear...

  7. I had just been thinking about putting together a little medicine kit for us. My first addition is peppermint oil for headaches (I can't believe how much this helps - just putting a few drops on a q-tip and then rubbing where it hurts on one's head.. so helpful with sinuses). And Eucalyptus oil rubbed on the feet helps with coughs.

  8. I second the Vick's vapor rub. I also have on hand herbal tea, ginger ale, and straws. You need to drink your ginger ale with a straw when you're sick.