04 August 2012

A Together Opportunity

I love summer entertaining. There is an ease and casualness that appeals to me. Plus, I love to eat outside. 

Recently, we had my brother and sister-in-law over for an evening of chatting, nerf blow-dart wars (more to come on that) and excited anticipation of their baby due later this month. We had a tasty dinner of salmon, watermelon and salad, but aren't the appetizers always the best? I almost always just yank odds & ends from the cupboards. 

Pull out the wooden cutting board that Uncle Kelly made and add a couple of sharp knives, a hunk of salami, a couple of cheeses, bread and crackers, and some jam. And if it's on hand, some vino or Pellegrino. I was also pleased to use two of my hammered brass bowls I picked up at a little flea-market in France. Perfect for pistachios ... one for the nuts and one for the discarded shells.

The spread? It feels fancy, but it's really just grown-up snacking.

This next week will be full of family moments as we anticipate my grandfather's service. Perhaps not as easy or as casual as the evening with Peter and Allie, but it will be good nonetheless. And isn't it interesting that after emotional events, we like provide a chance for dear ones to sit, eat, visit.

An opportunity to slow down and participate together. 


  1. I'm glad you had this time with them. I've been thinking about you. Isn't it nice that everyone does make it a priority to come together during these times. I often wish it could happen at other times, too, but at least happens when it is most important. And I think your table is so awesome, I LOVE it. And I love all the plates and board and everything you used for dinner. LOVE!

  2. Yes, this "participate together" idea... it's something I've been mulling over a whole bunch recently. It's a means of experiencing grace and extending grace, being vulnerable yet loved while also loving who is vulnerable, investing. It's what Jesus did.

    You can feed me appetizers anytime; I love a good snack.