21 August 2012

Having a Moment

Have you heard the phrase, "Having a moment" ? ... I've been having plenty of those lately. Lots of transitions of late. Some difficult, some good, and some just normal life stuff. You know the deal. And with the stuff I have my occasional meltdown. Sometimes quiet and tidy and sometimes noisy and messy. It happens.

But amongst my "moments" there are the bowls of honeyed strawberries with mint and almonds. And those are the moments that remind me to get a grip and appreciate the bounty in front of me.

Having any moments yourselves, these days?


  1. Anna,
    I can so relate! My moments have been many lately! One sweet child going through a seperation, one moving away to college, one starting college. That with lifes normal bounces! A bowl of berries, sounds so good! Enjoy!! I am glad for those little moments that allow the peace of Him to flow over us!

  2. Moments and transitions galore for me...

    Last week I *might* have had a half-meltdown on the phone with my son's Latin teacher. Just sayin'!

    Oh, but the bounty of God's goodness and grace, it is balm.

  3. now i would take any moment if i had that bowl of strawberrys to get down me, looks yummy.

  4. Oh Anna, my summer has just been FULL of moments. A tough season, if I'm totally honest. I'm sorry that you've been there too. Maybe we can get a cup of coffee once we've settled inot school?

  5. I am so with you. Lots and lots of moments around here! And I keep finding, His grace is truly sufficient.