24 August 2014

The Outside Endeavor

Do you know why this girl is smiling? First of all, She and Pops built a tree swing. That is sure to bring a smile to most anyone, big or small.

But secondly, it's hanging from what will soon be ... a treehouse ...

You must head outside, naturally, and then take a right towards the back garden and head through these gates. You'll see hollyhocks and a grape arbor on the right and a gorgeous limbed tree straight ahead.

And that's where you bring your ladder through. You need one, of course, if you are building a treehouse. It helps if you have Pops holding up the back end.

 In fact, it helps to have Pops around for just about everything. He gets busy with the hard labor while you can take care of more important details.

Like using a pail to haul up tools and pencils, and maybe even some of your stuffed critters.

And after a bit ... you'll have so many ideas and plans to percolating in your head ... you might just need need to stop for a moment and reflect on the whole glorious endeavor.


  1. You're making it *yours*. Good for you. :)

  2. Those photos are fantastic! And she is adorable. xoxo!