13 August 2014

La Tour Eiffel + La Travel Tip

Guess where we went today? Paris is organized very well, but as Pops said, "It's huge." Since it took a fairly long metro ride from the 11th arr. to La Tour Eiffel, and we are already pretty tired, we decided a simple look about was all that was needed. 

After all, it's Paris. It's the Eiffel Tower! There is plenty to gawk at even if we kept our feet on the ground.

Travel tip for families? In this case, we will be in close proximity to Paris for awhile, so we truly can "see it next time." But even if your trip is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, if you are just too tired, or are contemplating doing/seeing something because you feel like you should, tell yourselves "We'll see it next time." Somehow repeating this phrase makes it feel okay to skip an otherwise fun thing.

It's just not worth burning yourselves out and dealing with a crew of cranky people over something that's optional. Trust me, there will be plenty of crank-inducing moments that will not be optional.

And truly, when it keeps the masses congenial ... the view from the bottom is every bit as good as the top.

How about you? Any good travel tips out there?

**PS-When we were in New York, men in flip flops everywhere. Paris? I haven't seen any male toes. Almost entirely clad in proper shoes and when in sandals, thick strappy kinds that keep those hairy man toes covered. I mentioned this to Pops. I don't think we've lived here long enough for him to care.


  1. OH my goodness Anna I LOVE your travel advice! I've totally said that to myself. It's not worth hating the memory of what you're visiting in order to say been there done that. Travel is not a checklist, it's an experience...and keeping the experience fun or at least bearable, is part of the quest. :) High Five!

    1. Jill! I love that! "Travel is not a checklist, it's an experience." Words to live by in life in general!

  2. I love it! That first photo is Christmas card material!!!!!! xoxo I cannot BELIEVE you are in France!

  3. I also need to add that S is getting SO tall!