19 August 2014

La Maison, La Cressonnière

To say we are enraptured with the maison we get to live in for the next year ... would be to phrase it lightly.

The place we call home has always been key to our family. A place to rest, to work, to laugh, to dwell. And after all of our months of preparations and day dreams ... we have been ready to be excited to be home.

We had the whole two-hour drive from Paris, in which to anticipate. But you know how it is. You try to measure your expectations, as sometimes unexpected hiccups and realities are just part of the drill. (Like when the rental car company goofs and you must perform luggage tetris to get all of your gear into a hatchback sedan. It seems okay and you just trust the children are still in the car by the muffled sounds they make, as you can't really see them anymore.) 

But when you turn into the drive, past the gate, and see it ...

You gasp and squeal with incredulity.

 And you wonder ... if this is the outside,

What must be through the front door ...


  1. Ahhh! That's so cool! So you're two hours from Paris?

    BTW, I linked your blog to my Francophile post today.

  2. Bienvenue en France! I have read your blog for years and am so happy to follow along on this new journey where The Lord has led you and your family! Incredible home. Is that the same place Design Mom's family rented? It's magical.

    1. Merci, Katie! And yes, it is the same house. You have a keen eye. We found out about the connection after we had sent in our lease inquiry, but her posts have become very helpful to us!

  3. Squeal! I knew it would be wonderful. Welcome home! What a blessing to have a delightful place to land.

  4. And we all can't wait to see what really is behind that front door!

  5. So very happy, with you. Can't wait to walk through that front door one of these days!

  6. swooon! it's just gorgeous! can't wait to see/hear more :)

  7. Gorgeous, magnificent and amazing!! I love your journey, the hiccups and the antics! I can't wait to see the inside! I'm sure the sounds are that of sighs, laughter, curiousness and joy!!

  8. Weeeeeeee! Heart heart heart

  9. WOW! I would walk around permanently squealing :)

    When I saw the name, I thought, "waitaminute, Design Mom's place?" - just divine!

    Anna, I'm going to be following along your journey - I already love the 4 - 5 posts I've read, and that little blue vase is just delightful!