30 August 2014

Daytrip to Honfleur

One of the things we have been most looking forward to living in France is the access to to so many sights and treasures ... many just within a hour or two reach. With school starting up this next week, we thought we would take advantage of some time on Saturday to head out for a day-trip to the utterly enchanting village of Honfleur. Have you heard of it? It almost reminds me of a French version of Venice, with all the candy colors, shops, and tiny walkways. Like a grown-up playland.

It was breezy and a little drizzly out, but perhaps that made it a little less busy and touristy. (Even though we are tourists 100%, we like to pretend we are not.)

Honfleur was miraculously spared during the bombings of WWII and the port, half-timbered buildings, and even some of the moored boats look much like they would have in the 16th-18th century. It feels like a time-capsule.

The kids have been really open to seeing and trying new things (they all ate mussels today!).  I'm super proud of their perspectives on this adventure and marvel at the gift of being able to do this together. I know these child-rearing days will be gone in a blink and I am just trying to soak it all up. 

And did you notice? It's official. Peter is taller than me.

We began chatting with a German family at lunch today, after they apologized for some restless behavior from their toddler and preschooler. Naturally, we didn't mind a bit, but I realized ... we are now the family with "big kids." 

(Incidentally, French lunches are notoriously long. By the time we were done with our meal, we had all sorts of conversations with our lunch companions. We even had an invitation for a tour of Frankfurt, should we happen to make it to their home town. Maybe we will!)

Honfleur, being an ancient coastal village, has some wonderfully quirky character traits. For instance, the church was built out of wood by the local seamen and the interior naves look like upside down hulls of ships ... and if they were to turn upside down, they would float!

Everywhere one walks there is someone with their camera or even an easel and paintbrush. The lighting is beautiful and it's no wonder it was home to some of the original impressionist artists.

It can be a rather inspiring city!

*Is Honfleur your style, or are you more of a big city person? Do you approach one kind of city differently than another?


  1. I am soaking up your posts! This is definitely my fav so far- SUCH a fun adventure already, and I strangely feel as if I'm tagging along by reading your posts. I'd never heard of this city, but now I've read all about it online and seen your great photos! And I can't believe he's so tall already! Sniff. xoxo

    1. It's funny, D, I kind of feel like you are experiencing things with me too! I really don't feel like I'm halfway around the world since we get to stay so up-to-date with each other. Such a strange marvel technology is!

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  3. We are loving all of your beautiful posts! We miss you lots but feel like we can get a slight taste of your day to day life because of your gorgeous pictures and descriptive writing! Thanks for taking the time to write them; they mean so much to us back here in the US of A. :)
    And I can't believe how tall Peter is getting! He's probably passed me to, I'm sure.
    Love you lots,