22 April 2010

Because Us Girls Love Our Faves

Every now and then I'll stumble upon a "favorite products" article by regular moms, and I just love it. I do not have the motivation to research cosmetics, nor do I care enough even if I did scrape up the mojo. What I do want is stuff that works, is easy to find, and that won't break the bank. So, herewith, some of my product must-haves:

Cetaphil Cream
This stuff is amazing. It comes in a lighter pump formula, but I love this thick cream. It is fragrance free, super hydrating, not greasy, and doesn't irritate my skin. And I have cranky skin. In fact, at my last dermatologist appointment my doctor and I were discussing our Cetaphil love and she mentioned that she used it as a night cream for her face, too. "Really?? You can do that??" I asked. Ever since, I use it at night after I wash my face, as well as an all-over moisturizer. Cetaphil has been my lotion staple for a good decade and you can even pick it up at the grocery store. Perfection.

Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel
Since when did we forget about good 'ol witch hazel? It's gentle, natural, and won't strip your face of natural oils leaving that icky tight feeling. I use this as a toner after I wash my face and some evenings, if I'm dog tired, I won't even wash it but will swipe my face with a cotton pad doused with it. True, it doesn't take off eye product, but zips off the makeup in no time. I'm sure any kind will work, but Thayer's has a lovely light scent and is a favorite.

Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 45 Moisturizer
A few years back, I had a skin cancer scare and now I am a SPF zealot. While I like to use a light SPF 15 lotion on my hands, neck, and any other exposed area during the day (yes, even winter), for my face I want something stronger. This facial moisturizer is the ticket. Not greasy, absorbed quickly, and works well under makeup. It's a keeper.

Rare Minerals Blemish Therapy
This is a rather new item in my product arsenal, but having recently hopped on the mineral makeup train ... I'm pretty impressed. This product has a main ingredient of sulphur and when dabbed onto blemishes, manages to dry the beasties up without causing dried, flaky skin. It works under makeup as well as a quick treatment before bed. If you are like me and can't believe that you've reached your 30's and still get breakouts (argh!) this little number might just make you giddy. And Moms ... please oh, please try this for your teen girls! I shudder at my Clearasil past and only wish I had something like this to soothe my horrified face. It's a bit spendy, but if you've struggles with breakouts you may find it's just worth it.

Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara
Love it. A little rubbery brush with scads of bristles and a smooth formula that glides on with ease. What else can I say? Oh yeah. It's about $6.00 at Target!

MAC Lipgelée
Lipgloss is the ultimate cheater makeup product. I am very average mom when it comes to cosmetics. I don't wear a ton and what I do is very simplistic. Perhaps that's why tinted lipgloss is an absolute must. Tap on a little powder, brush on a bit of mascara, swipe on the lipgloss and we're ready to rumble. This MAC lip "gel" is very sheer so you can't make a mistake. I swear, you can apply it in the car (which I do) and you won't miss. And you'll be glad to know, it has no fragrance or taste (who wants strawberry-kiwi lips, anyways?), nor is it goopy or sticky -- just smooth and lovely. It's on the pricey side, but a tube lasts me more than a year and I use it all the time.

There it is, girls. Some of my favorites. What are yours? I am so far from being any kind of an authority on this topic matter, and it's entirely possible that what I think looks chic and fresh could be anything but. So, if you know me personally and see me walking around with ridiculous makeup ... please, I beg you, come wash my face for me.


  1. You may be the go-to gal for fun new things to try. I'm off for the Mac gelee...

  2. Hey anna!!! i love lists like these too, thanks for sharing your products and your sweet comments!!

  3. I just did this the other day! I haven't tried MAC lipgloss, hmm...

  4. I'm so with you on the Cetaphil thing. I bought it years ago on Dr's advice for my son's eczema... then I bought another for the other kids... now I've stolen one and it lives in MY bathroom. I only recently discovered it is THE perfect body lotion, and don't think I'll ever go back to all the scented body butters I used to use. I'll have to try it on my face, though.

    I also use Neutrogena face lotion, but the combination skin one, and love it so much.

    My secret product? Aveda's pure abundance hair potion. I like to have height at the crown, so when it's super important, I sprinkle some of this in, fluff with fingers, and it's perfect. It's expensive, but worth it... and it lasts a long time.

  5. where did you get that rare mineral product?

  6. Dawnelle-
    Nordstrom. But I think Sephora and, of course, the Bare Minerals storefront would too.

  7. Fun, fun post! I'm with you on the mineral make-up, and witch hazel is my friend too. I'll totally be checking out that mascara because I need a new tube.

  8. I use witch hazel too! Although mine is the cheap Kroger brand and doesn't come in a pretty bottle. I'll have to try the Thayer version.