08 April 2010

The Busy Little Nook

I've always had a bit of voyeur in me. When I go for walks in the neighborhood, I love when I can see in through a window and catch a glimpse of someone else's home. Fascinating. I also love when fellow bloggers show me where they do their work. Images of home seem to carry so much personality.

So. Here is my little workspace. A little nook off of the kitchen. It's a perfect location because I can still be in the middle of the hub.

Recently, I found myself wishing for a real mousepad, as I've been using a paperback book to fill the role for far too long. And then it occurred to me ... I bet I can make one! A piece of stiff felt sandwiched between scraps of fabric, and some of that rubbery stuff that keep carpets from slipping for the base ... voila! A homemade mousepad.

Atop of the printer perches my planner. Oh, my beloved moleskine planner makes me purr. It has a sleek exterior, smooth pages and even a little pocket in back to keep extra post-its. Organizational bliss, I tell you.

In the planner, I keep our events recorded, yes, but it also has a blank page on one side. Here I jot down the meals for the week (even breakfast and lunch), a list of To-do's, a list of To-emails, and a list of places To-go. I also keep a post-it on the page for groceries too. I always tuck it in my purse when I head out the door, for I love being able to scratch things down no matter where I am.

And thus, my little workspace revealed. Where do you like to work?


  1. I am so glad you shared this. I have a bit of that in me too - that love of seeing into others' homes! Perhaps when I crawl out from beneath this mound of work and get back to the blog, I'll post my workspace. What a fun idea! Thanks for the peak...oh, and your mousepad is delightful!

  2. Oh, I'm so nosy like that! I love to go for walks in the evening, right at dusk, when people turn on their lights but haven't yet closed the blinds.

    You little nook is very pleasant and efficient, just like you! Methinks I recognize that happy yellow fabric!

  3. Yes, I love windows at dusk, too! So thank you for allowing a peak into yours... I've been wishing for a workspace in the middle of the action, too, and might plan a switch soon.

  4. What fun! Thank you so much for this post. I use a moleskin. It's my journal. But, I never thought about the planner. I've used a wonderful More-Time-Mom's version but lost it in January, with no equal replacement to be found then. So, now, I'll look for the moleskin. I'm so grateful.
    Oh, and I confess. I too love the peek at dusk.

  5. I love to peek into homes also, now I don't feel so bad. I love your little work station. I don't have one right now, but it is a priority when we move (once again) in june.

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  7. I have that journal as well. And, yes, it's the best! I made a makeshift computer station look pretty in my living room. Remember this post?

  8. Your mouse pad is so cute, and I can't believe I didn't know they had Moleskine planners. I love planners, and I love Moleskines... how did I not know about this?