19 April 2010

A Weekend Performance

Pulled in last night from a weekend trip to see Pops' family and to see his sister perform her new album at a sold out show! The theater was packed and it was the first time the children saw her perform at a formal evening event. Prior to the curtain call, we were able to snack in the "green room" and feel very proud of the gene pool.

The kids sat through the entire 3 hour performance like rapt jazz groupies. Truly, they were amazing ... but then so was Halie.


  1. What a special, magical evening! Now... I must get to know more about this vocalist.

  2. geesh, i went online and listened to a preview- she is A-MA-ZING!!!

  3. amazing!!! Your photo is great and her sound is awesome!! Congratulations to her!!

  4. Wowie! She has a great sound and an amazing voice. It'd be great to sing like that. What a fun experience for your kiddos, to see someone they know perform and do well. Probably feels like they can reach the moon from here. :)