14 April 2010

Not Your Grandmother's Brussels

Why have brussel sprouts had such a bad rap all these years? Perhaps it was the ol' boiling method that did them in. Boiled veggies? Not so fun. But roast them up and they get all caramely-crisp and flat out delectable.

Wash 'em and cut off a bit of the ends, removing outer leaves. Slice in half (unless they are tiny) and toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar. Place cut side down on cookie sheet. Normally I pop them in the oven at about 375 degrees, turning after about 20 minutes and cooking for another 10 (or 'til tender ... but don't overcook!). Add a little grated parmesan, if you'd like and cook a few minutes longer. They get so crispy and yummy, I swear it's better than french fries.

This week, since our oven went kaput and we are waiting on the part to arrive (here's to hoping that does the trick!), I roasted them in my cast iron skillet on the stove-top. Once the cut sides start to brown and turn golden, start tossing and cook 'til done.

Sigh. Did I mention these are really good?


  1. SOOO thankful someone else besides me doesn't boil their vegies!!!!!!



  2. Brussel sprouts seem to be the buzz lately; yours is the third blog post I've read that makes them sound (and look) delicious. You know, I've never prepared them... I'm thinking I should!

  3. I never had brussel sprouts in my youth. My Mom said they smelled like dirty socks so she wouldn't make them. Fast forward several years of marriage, I now make them for my husband. I roast mine with olive oil, Fleur de sal, pepper, herbes de provence, and a splash of balsamic. It works!

  4. I bet they're great grilled, too!! When I grill veggies, I put them in a container or baggie with whatever oil or mixture I put over them, like a marinade, then put the grill pan on the grill to heat up. Then I put the veggies on the pan over the grill so that it won't dump all over the counter...learned that one the hard way lol. Anyway, thanks for the recipe, will definitely try it out.

  5. I've made these and they are indeed yummy, even for a brussels-sprouts disdainer like me! I even fooled the kids into trying them by telling them they were "chou-chous" -- the French name, I believe. It actually worked! They won't eat brussels sprouts, they tell me, but they'll take chou-chous.
    I think almost anything is better with olive oil, salt and pepper! (Chocolate excepted, of course.)

  6. I always make them using the skillet method, minus the vinegar and we LOOooooove them!!!! So tasty!

    I'm trying the vinegar next time. :)

  7. I even loved the boiled ones, but my husband hates them, so... 27 years without them. Your recipe has inspired me to see if his mind can be changed. Stay tuned.