19 February 2011

One of the Best Ever

When Pops and I were still in college, yet separated by geography, he gave me a hot water bottle. One of the sweetest gifts he's ever given me. Why you must wonder?

He bought an old fashioned rubber hot-water bottle, some fabric he thought looked cozy, and took the materials to a little lady who knew how to sew. He asked her to make a cover for it so it would be nice to cuddle up with. Knowing I'm often freezing cold, he thought the water bottle could keep me warm when he wasn't around to do it himself.

While my term-paper writing days are over (thankfully!), I'll often stick it under the bed-covers to keep my feet toasty (although, kicking it whilst asleep will jolt one awake thinking there is a jiggly, heavy, furry animal in bed with oneself). And today, I had my chilly feet perched atop it while paying the bills. A much nicer task, indeed, with warm feet and a cup of tea to boot.

And that, you see, is why it is one of the best gifts I've ever received. What is one of yours?