15 March 2011

Adventuring, Me and the Littlest

Miss Jane and I are setting off tomorrow for a little adventure. Granny Doris is turning 90 and we get to go celebrate with her. Jane and I are most excited to travel together and thrilled to see the forecast for Oklahoma is mid-70's to mid-80's. Not only do we get to love on dear family, but we get to do it in some sun-shiny rays. Splendid.

In preparation, we've watched the classic musical, Oklahoma (I fear, however, Jane may now be disappointed when we don't ride around in horse-drawn surreys with "the fringe on top" ...), loaded up on granola bars, nuts, chocolate, and good reading material, and are now completing our packing. My goal is for us to only bring carry-ons so I'm planning out the outfits for each day we are gone and ruthlessly demanding double duty by most everything we are bringing. Never before have I packed this little, but been so sure that I would have what I need. Why haven't I always done this?

Oooo, I do love to travel. Back next week!


  1. I love the rolled up clothes and of course the ever important chocolate bar and chap stick! I lay out my clothes like that too. If you are carrying on, you may consider packing clothes in gallon ziplock bags (push all the air out) because you can fit a lot that way, and the TSA can see into them. That's what we did when we went to Arizona.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Your packing is SO artistic! Yes, carry-on is the way to go these days. Have such a sweet time with your little sweetie. Hope that S. is feeling better!

  3. Have a fantastically, lovely time, my dear. I was just telling the professor last night that we need to visit Oklahoma so we can get some good beef brisket... eat some for me. {Hah! Can you tell I'm a nursing mother... hungry all. the. time!}

  4. ....The wheels are yeller, the upholstery’s brown
    The dashboard’s genuine leather
    With isinglass curtain’s you can roll right down in case there’s a change in the weather...

    Have a GREAT time!! I expect photos and blogging!

  5. What fun you two will have! I love your packing stash. Especially that yummy chocolate up there on the left of that photo!? Enjoy!

  6. Looks like you're about to read the Forbidden Garden by Kate Morton? It's on my list to, though I won't get to it now until after Lent. No novels for me until Easter Sunday!