10 March 2011

Gallery Wall by the Laundry Room

Now never-mind that this photo is truly shabby, due to the complete lack of natural light, but I'm awfully pleased with the overall effect. Several months ago I put up a gallery wall in our downstairs hallway. I decided it was time to finally display some of the photos I've taken, as I had not yet framed a one!
Previously, I had a few older black and white images up (in black and silver frames) and I decided it was time to pepper it with new, color prints and larger frames. For an easy freshen-up, I snagged some white and natural wood frames from Ikea to modernize and unify. (Ikea frames come with the mats and are cheap, cheap, cheap!)

Now every time I walk down the hall to the laundry room I find myself glancing at these photos and smiling. Even guests seem drawn and we'll often find ourselves standing in the tiny hallway reminiscing over our families and memories and treasured stories. Pictures are good like that, aren't they?

And I had to snap a close-up of this photo of Pops and his dad at the sand dunes. Isn't it marvelous? One of my true favorites.

What is one of your favorite photos? Any tricks for display?


  1. Anna, this is absolutely beautiful!!! You inspire me. I haven't even printed any of the photos I've taken in about three years. Uh huh. Kind of sad.

    Also, there is a girl here in my town who looks (from the pics on your blog) just like you! I see her a few times a week running here or there. We've never introduced ourselves - it's always just a quick nod and smile and "hey." So today, I was startled when I saw her children with her and I realized that in my mind, I call her "Anna" and have unintentionally come to think of her as having YOUR three children, being married to Pops, etc. Hopefully this brings a smile to your face and doesn't frighten you. I plan to introduce myself to her the next time we run into one another and rectify my mind boggle asap. :)

  2. How very splendid! I can't think of a better way to celebrate family. Now, will you make this an ever changing gallery wall... wouldn't it be fun to change it around and update photos from time to time?! Or maybe the wall just needs to get bigger and bigger!

  3. Christian, yes! I do think I may rotate photos so it's a nice mix of old and new. Reprints are so cheap these days ... for just a buck or two you've a whole new look!

    Do you do this with your photos?

  4. wow, your gallery looks amazing and that photo really is something!!! go anna!

  5. This looks GREAT!! This is one of my dreams - great job!

  6. This is a wonderful display - so inspirational! I have wanted to do something like this for a long time. Maybe someday I will, but first I have to actually print my photos and find wall space :)

  7. You are so talented, girl! This is a lovely lovely display. Creating a cohesive and charming gallery wall seems to elude me, and you've mastered it quite fetchingly.