08 March 2011

A Pile of Pretty Bangles

When I had wee ones about, I viewed jewelry as just one more thing that could be yanked, broken, or become horrifyingly unsanitary. Dangly earrings? Out for obvious reasons. Long delicate necklace? Choking hazard. Bracelets while changing diapers? The gross potential here is off the charts.

So it is only recently that I've begun to re-discover such joys. Lately, I'm loving me some clinky-clattery bangles. For some reason they feel slightly luxurious to me. Especially when wearing more than one at a time! Maybe because they make me feel like a lady and we all know that sensation can be easily lost during active mom-ing.

Above you see my recent bangle faves. Excepting the hobnail bracelet (an excellent ebay score) they are all from the thrift store and cost an average of two dollars. Don't be afraid to rummage those dirty little wicker baskets on the shop counter full of writhing piles of odd jewelry pieces. You'll almost always find something ... and you can wash your hands later. In fact, if thrift-store shopping oooks you out a bit, jewelry and kitchen items are a great place to start ... easily scrubbed and sterilized.

What are you loving lately?


  1. Sigh... these are lovely. Luxurious jewelry isn't an option for me right now. I wore my strand of black pearls yesterday and Baby Sissy alternately yanked and teethed on them.

  2. Those are beautiful! Bangles are so not an option these days...and I have one pair of big hoop earrings that yank off easily - as in, when she tugs, they easily unhook and slide out (sometimes without even so much as a tug). I am so thankful for them, as I miss my dangly earrings!