28 March 2011

Art on the Shelf

 Have you seen these gorgeously bound reprints by Penguin Publishers? So many classics exquisitely done. Oh, there is Woman in White, Little Women, Treasure Island ... the list just goes on. They've been producing them for a little while now and I just keep forgetting to hint during appropriate gifting seasons.

So today, armed with a rare 40% off coupon and a store gift card (my spending hiatus, still in effect) I happily toted home an edition of Pride and Prejudice for our own shelves. Because, really. Books read even better when lovely, don't you agree?

And these particular books? Mercy, I'm so smitten. I've already begun mentally ticking off holidays and b-days as reasons to start purchasing them for the children so we can create a collection. For I've long been a believer that a book, thoughtfully inscribed, is a gift that will endure the seasons. Toys come and go, but isn't there always more room on the shelf for a lovely book?

**Just discovered a smattering of children's titles due out in the fall by Puffin Publishers!


  1. I'm in love with these editions too! I just bought Great Expectations and am thoroughly enjoying it—I love Dickens' writing, but the beautiful edition doesn't hurt.

  2. Yes, those editions are indeed lovely! I always take a glance whenever I'm at an Anthro.

  3. Oh yes, yes, yes!!!! The Engineer has given me a few! Three cheers for your mad couponing and gift card skills!!!

  4. A pretty book in hand or gracing a bookshelf is pure delight. I've so enjoyed the lovely little edition of Jane Eyre that you included in my "giveaway prize" a while back!

    And let me just add that your little teapot is perfect! I think I made *need* one just like it!

  5. I could not agree more...and your copy of P & P is quite lovely. Mine is old but lovely in it's way.

  6. Ooh, your arrangement of the book and the tea makes me want to sit down and read for hours! Your edition of that book is certainly prettier than mine.