09 July 2011

Because We're Special

 We like to hold it together while in public. But when we are all gathered, away from the public-eye ... it just slips out sometimes. Like, random attacks of exuberant "nerd-face." Which may or may not be the result of an apparent vulcan-mom-grip on the armpit. It's hard to contain creative genius.

Often following, I may have an inspired outburst of "raise the roof" ... while in the woods. In response, my sister-in-law retreats to her "special place." She goes there often. Brilliance can be such a curse.

 Pops and I have always been glamorous. It's a husband-wife thing we have learned to embrace. We have these Jolie-Pitt moments all the time. We try not to flaunt it too much. Don't hate us.

And when you get to gaze upon the generations, it really is an awe-inspiring moment. We're born into it. Like royalty, really.

Three-fingered peace-out, Peeps.


  1. You are hillarious! I love this post.

  2. I read this post yesterday and then came back- both times I cracked up. HAHA!!! Oh, my gosh!!!

  3. From one cool cat to another... right back 'atcha!

  4. You have made my day. This is so funny, and truly...what it's really like to be thuis cool.