07 July 2011

The Luxury of Unscheduled Time -- Glacier Natl. Park

 Heading north to Glacier National Park was the highlight of our trip. Peaceful beauty.

We stumbled upon this lake-front hotel and were delighted to find that they had a cancellation that we could fill. My no-plan attack to this trip paid off. Not only was I not stressed in scheduling and organizing every minute, but we were free to land and stay where we were most drawn to.

Did you catch this? We were traveling with no accommodation reservations to a tourist location in summer! This coming from the gal who earned a PhD in over-planning and general organization neurosis. Well, at least if there was such a degree I'm sure I would have signed-up and attended every class. With a notebook. That had dividers. That were pre-labeled. And had a zippy pouch for my sticky-notes, highlighters, and mechanical pencils.

You get the drift.

So instead of being glued to my spreadsheet of activities, we just did what was available and fun for the moment. We boated and lounged, read and hiked and skipped rocks for, quite literally, hours on end.

There is something to be said about not having plans ... and seeing what unfolds before you.


  1. Looks like you guys had a GREAT trip!

  2. ha ha - I've got that PhD too! You are inspiring. I was thinking I could not BEAR the lists and packing for camping this summer. Maybe I'll look at it differently. . .not sure how yet, but I'm inspired by your post.