27 July 2011

Jane Rides Her Bike

 Today, somebody wanted to go for a bike ride. Her mama suggested we take the training wheels off. The little girl, wide eyed and be-smiled ... agreed.

Out came the wrench, off came the clackety wheels. One try, two tries, three tries go. The little girl was determined.

 And the little girl succeeded. Celebrations ensued. But not too gregariously 'cause that would be embarrassing. We're cool.

The mama watched and watched as the newly minted bicyclist rode and rode. Plans were made for cookie baking and stories to regale the family. After dinner they may then come outside to watch and cheer. Then we will give them a cookie.

Cookies are good for celebrations.


  1. I absolutely love- LOVE- that first photo. I would blow it up and frame it.

  2. Way to go Jane! Stop pedaling long enough to enjoy some cookies.

    Don't you love it when a child is "ready" and everything just clicks?!