19 July 2011

Operation Healthy Snack

As a follow up to my healthy-snack initiative ... 'cause oh how I do need my snacks ... here is my latest munchie love. RyCrisp crackers with Laughing Cow cheese wedges (35 calories a wedge? How is that possible?) and a slice of Fuji apple atop. It's got the crunch, the sweet, and a little bit of protein.

What are you snacking on lately?


  1. Yum! I'm into a little Fage yogurt (now at COstco!) and a few berries and almonds. Gives you good protein and satisfies the sweet tooth. Not like a brownie but....

  2. Bonnie! That's one of my most fave breakfasts! But I like to drizzle a little honey atop ...

  3. Almonds, roasted and salted. I know, not exactly low-fat but they do give me the mid-afternoon protein buzz that I need.

  4. I cannot seem to give up my latest infatuation with a handful of wheat thins and a thin slice of colby/jack...